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Our 3 favorite vacation notebooks:
Dive into summer fun

Whether you're on vacation in Brittany or elsewhere, vacation notebooks are a great way to combine fun and personal development, whether you're a child, a teenager or even an adult. In this article, we'll introduce you to our selection of vacation notebooks, exciting activities and tips to make your experience even more fun on rather serious subjects.
Coexist, godspeed!
Jews, Christians, Muslims, atheists, agnostics and Buddhists together at last! 5 chapters Essential questions: is an oyster kosher? Do all Christians celebrate the saints? Is a Ketupat a prayer, a dish or a garment? What are Sunday Assemblies? What is secularism? Coloring cards, crosswords, quizzes, history, geography, games, case studies, active coexistence. Essential answers to help you get to know each other better, understand each other better and live together better. 1 will: coexist.
Breizh vacation notebook
A fun vacation notebook with lots of games on the theme of Brittany and the Celtic world (culture, heritage, gastronomy, legends...). The ideal summer partner for brainstorming, testing intuition, logic, observation and Breton vocabulary!
On vacation, Simone! Feminist workbook
Get your master's degree in feminism. After months of "It's gonna be all right, ma'am", summer is the perfect time to dismantle sexism while having fun and learning through a series of brain exercises, from beginner to expert level, in all disciplines. You'll learn how to feminize insults, how to honour the forgotten women of history, how to define the length of a republican skirt, how to organize a trip to the Féministan, how to draw a clit, or how to play "Guess who we're not going to have dinner with!" Drop your jokari, grab a pencil and come deconstruct sexism with us.
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Art of living camping
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