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Protect your skin and the environment:
Discover the most eco-friendly sun creams!

Here's an essential subject for enjoying the sun to the full while preserving our beautiful planet: ecological sun creams. We're delighted to present three quality products that combine effectiveness, respect for the skin and the environment. Discover our selection of sun creams that respect the environment, corals, oceans and whales. Ready to discover these wonderful ecological alternatives?
In this article, we'll be highlighting the Acorelle Sun Spray SPF50, the SUN SECURE Eau Solaire SPF50+ and the La Rosée sun stick.
Acorelle Sun Spray SPF50 is a fantastic option for those looking for natural, eco-friendly sun protection. This sun cream is made from ingredients of natural and organic origin, and complies with organic cosmetics standards. It offers effective protection against UVA and UVB rays, while its natural ingredients nourish the skin. What's more, it's water-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor activities. By choosing Acorelle Sun Spray SPF50, you're protecting your skin and doing your bit for the environment.
SUN SECURE Eau Solaire SPF50+ sun cream is another great option for nature lovers. This innovative cream uses a biologically degradable formula, which means it does not harm marine ecosystems. It offers high sun protection while respecting marine life. What's more, the cream is light, easy to apply and leaves no white marks on the skin. With SUN SECURE Eau Solaire SPF50+, you can enjoy the sun with complete peace of mind, knowing that you're helping to preserve the beauty of our oceans.
La Rosée's sun stick is a practical, eco-friendly product for protecting the sensitive areas of your face. This sun stick is formulated from natural and organic ingredients, with no harmful components for the skin or the environment. Its compact size makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, and its pleasant texture lets you apply it in one quick motion. With La Rosée's sun stick, you can keep your skin protected and moisturized while preserving our ecosystem.
Our selection of stoves
Goldmiky Stove
Portable and foldable, ideal for touring!
Thanks to its triangular support, the camping stove offers excellent stability.
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BILIPLE Gas stove
The camping stove can accommodate all types of saucepans thanks to its clever design with folding extension legs.
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Our selection of lamps
Blukar Folding LED Lamp
Dual-purpose design. Portable or hanging folding side lamp. USB rechargeable.
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Blukar Warm White Light
Rechargeable LED lamp, adjustable in 3 modes, 10-hour runtime, portable & waterproof [Energy class A+++].
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Solar and Hand-Cranked Lanterns
Built-in 3000 mAh rechargeable battery, with3 modes of power supply: the included micro USB cable, solar panel or crank rotation.
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Protecting ourselves from the sun's harmful rays is essential, but that doesn't mean we should neglect the impact of our choices on the environment. Ecological sun creams such as Acorelle Sun Spray SPF50, SUN SECURE Eau Solaire SPF50+ and La Rosée Sun Stick offer effective sun protection while being kind to both skin and nature. By choosing these products, you can enjoy the sun in complete safety, knowing that you're helping to preserve our planet for future generations. Don't forget to take your ecological sun cream with you on your next visit to Camping Kersiny Plage, where respect for nature is at the heart of our values.
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