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SPORTS and CULTURAL activities, close to nature

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The beaches

The campsite is just a stone's throw from Kersiny beach, with direct access to other nearby beaches such as Mesperleuc, Gwendrez and Saint-Julien. Also nearby are the beautiful beaches of Audierne, perfect for relaxing and swimming.
Kersiny beach

The GR34

The GR 34 (which passes 100 meters from the campsite - DIRECT ACCESS TO THE CAMPSITE)
runs along the whole of the Cap Sizun: walkers and hikers will have plenty to see! The north coast, particularly steep, offers a unique and colorful flora, high cliffs punctuated with isolated creeks. On the south coast, the walk becomes more peaceful and offers the possibility to discover small heritage treasures: chapels, fountains...


Sein is a challenge to the ocean. With its altitude close to zero, the island seems to be able to be submerged at any moment. It is this impression of being in the grip of the marine element that strikes you when you approach it. But under the often blue sky of this small stone raft, at the foot of its lighthouse where a colored heath flourishes, in the charming maze of its alleys, around its brightly colored houses huddled together, reigns an unequalled serenity.
breast island


"La Baie des Trépassés": don't stop at this unfortunate name,
because the place is more like a real paradise, especially for surfers. The whole of the Cap-Sizun offers, at very short distances, a concentration of spots rare in France, from the Baie des Trépassés to Gwendrez to Plouhinec. The conditions are favourable for surfing all year round: the waves are often there!


Come and discover with your family all the Breton seabeds in aquariums and watch a unique bird show in Brittany. A fun and educational moment for the whole family, a few kilometers from the campsite.